Optical Illusions

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Must See Optical
Elephant Legs Illusion
Try to Count the Black Dots
This One Will Make You Dizzy
Count the Black Dots
Pulsating Optical Illusion
SUV Illusion - Which is Biggest?
Little Big Sister Illusion
Can You Guess What This Is?
Standing on a Giant Coke Bottle
Is This a Lady or a Musician?
How Many Prongs Do You See?
Do You Believe These Are The Same Size?

An Optical Illusion

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Optical illusions are both entertaining and fascinating - your brain sees one thing while your eyes see another.  Some optical illusions rely on coloring or depth perception tricks while others seem unexplainable and simply appear to defy the laws of nature.  Whether you are new to optical illusions or have admired them for years, we hope that you find something that piques your interest on this site.